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This is your new home for the best collection of useful tips specifically tailored to improve your baseball pitching. Let's face it...out of all the baseball positions on the field, the pitcher has the most responsibility of anyone. Here you will discover all the skills necessary for building the perfect pitcher, from pitching basics to advanced baseball strategy.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • What exactly are "good pitching mechanics?"
  • What are the basic baseball pitching grips I need to know?
  • Why are there so many differences in pitching instruction?
  • How do you really improve pitching velocity?
  • Does lighting up the baseball radar gun really matter that much?
  • Who is right when it comes to pitching mechanics and pitching technique?
  • Which pitching workouts are appropriate and effective?
  • Where can I find quality pitching drills and how can I know which ones are right for me to use?
  • What age should ahow to throw baseball pitches child begin learning how to throw a curveball?
  • Why is learning how to throw baseball pitches of different varieties necessary?
  • Why should I study pitching clips of MLB pitchers and how can that help me or my child?
  • What makes a great baseball pitcher "great"?
  • What are pitching strategies and how can I use them to my advantage?
  • How can I gain the confidence to pitch in any situation?

These are but a sample of many questions that if you haven’t already, you will and you should ask yourself. With so much conflicting information out there, it can be difficult to determine what to believe as truth and what direction is best to take you or your child to success.


Pitching is more than physical talent

Finding the answers to these questions is very important. We all have seen extremely physically talented players who never live up to their "potential." And we've all seen less physically gifted players excell to levels no one thought possible. What can explain this?


Be a student of the game

Success at baseball pitching is more than how hard someone can throw, although society wants us to believe otherwise. Learning how to truly pitch requires a broad knowledge of not only the physical aspects of the pitching motion but so much more. It requires an in-depth knowledge of strategy, technique, a basic knowledge of how to play baseball at all baseball positions, and a mental awareness of what skills you as a pitcher possess and how to maximize them.

Think of becoming a pitcher like building a house. A house will crumble unless it has a strong, solid foundation. But you must build upon that foundation a solid internal structure so that it can stand tall. And the outside structure must be strong as well to ward off any harmful external forces. A successful baseball pitcher is built upon:

  1. Knowledge of the position and what its true purpose is
  2. A rock-solid mechanical approach, with help from critical video review
  3. Physical strength gained from functional, specific-to-pitching workouts
  4. Mental strength allowing the pitcher to overcome any situation


Pitching is my passion!

My goal is simple. To provide you with unbiased and useful information you need to succeed as a pitcher. I encourage you to take advantage of this site as a resource to build on your skills. Use every useful piece of information from this site that you possibly can.

Some pitching tips you may find more helpful than others. Find what will work for you and run with it. Succeeding in the game of baseball as a pitcher can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. There is no feeling like winning a championship and achieving something that you have worked hard for.

I sincerely want to make sure you have all the tools you need to do just that.

Good luck and keep working hard!

Steven Ellis
Former Chicago Cubs pitching pro